Hasu is a Japanese inspired tea table, merging three key aspects of the tea culture in the appearance of a new and contemporary tea ritual. Presentation, the design allows to store an extensive tea collection while presenting it in a unique and professional manner. Preparation, because of the decent amount of storage all objects needed for the on site preparation of the tea are near. Gathering, 4 extending sitting elements are included in the volume giving the participants the opportunity to have a seat and drink their cup of tea together with their nearest.

Starting from an abstract and serene structure, the table transforms in time as the tea ritual progresses. The unfolding of the 4 upper tabletops announces the beginning of this ritual. Just like an opening lotus flower, when the first rays of sun caress the horizon during sunrise, symbolizes the start of a new day. When Hasu is not used, the abstract volume is standing serene and compact in space.

 Hasu is manufactured using several construction techniques and different types of wood joineries. It consists of solid oak for the body and powder coated aluminum in the details. Remarkable is the creation of a brand new hinge system, designed for Hasu but employable in other different furniture typologies.

The table allows the owner to prepare, present and store his tea in a completely different, new and unique way. That is why Hasu has the ability to connect several ardent and passionate tea lovers. Because what is better than relaxing and disconnecting from our surroundings with our nearest, while perceiving the heat of a warming cup of tea in the palm of our hand?

Designer Dieter Mortelmans

Photography Isabel Rottiers

Manufacturing Mintjens Furniture Westmalle

Objects & Decoration Serax Belgium

450mm H x 750mm W x 750mm L 71,5kg 

Solid Oak & Aluminum Details

Production time of 10 weeks, price on request